[ Security Alert ] 16 March, 2012 09:33

     As disclosed in newsgroup, there are several sites masquerades as Android Market which put some popular Apps to lure users to install those malicious Apps. As the following screenshot shows two examples.

    All download malwares are packaged with the same classs.dex with different resource files, with the same behavior: send Premium rate SMS without user awareness. Now they were classsifed as Opfake or Fakeinst.

    Now the same group of fake Android Markets point to the same IP address:, with around 20 domain names registered. Some of the domains also serve a malicious JAR file called "browser_update.JAR" which was identified as Java-SMSSend trojan.

    Be aware to such fake sites, and don't download APP from untrusted sources. 

By AegisLab 



[ Product News ] 16 March, 2012 09:20

    We are glad to announce the AegisLab Antivirus Free now is freely available in Amazon Appstore. Amazon users can download this superior anti-malware solution which offers high detection rate and fine granularity APP classification like Trojan, Spyware, Adware, Porn and Violence. It also fully supports 14 languages.

    Try it on now in http://www.amazon.com/AegisLab-Antivirus-Free/dp/B007KPUNF0/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1331860598&sr=8-1

By AegisLab

[ Security Alert ] 09 March, 2012 13:52

   Recently several independent testing organzinations conducted Android anti-malware tests, and included AegisLab Antivirus solution as one of solutions under test. Here, we give some summary of the result and our feedback.

   AV-Test released a new test report which evaluates 41 Android anti-malware solution with 618 samples were used. AegisLab solution was listed in second best group, with detection rate 90% to 65%. In this test, we totally missed one family of malware, that gives us good input in our malware collection network and we would work harder to patch this. Thanks AV-Test.

  NBL also released their test report in this week. Thier test has done in end of last year, 10 Android anti-malware solution were evaluated, and AegisLab got the highest detection rate in this test.

  We know this year, there will be more testbech will be conducted. And we will try our best to show the effectiveness and detection coverage. Thanks.

 By AegisLab