[ Product News ] 03 October, 2011 12:39

      We are proudly to make the announce that our AegisLab Antivirus Free on Google Market has new version now. In this version, SD card scan was included and much more like:

  • Add schedule scan feature
  • More fancy UI
  • Registration for AegisLab member
  • Performance enhancement
  • Bugs fixed
  •       And currently the scan engine can cover over 1500 malware instances. To protect your smartphone, download and install AegisLab Antivirus Free now.

        You can also check Softpedia recommendation here.

    [ Product News ] 04 August, 2011 15:31

         As the tremendous growing of smart phone shipment, more and more users download Apps from different markets via their smart phones easily. According GetJar, there are more than 30 billion download counts in 2011, that means, there are huge potential revenue generated through those simple behaviors. Of course, it is also an obvious target of hackers.

        What are the treats in App Store? There are 2 main threats—
    • Malware/Spyware, etc, which will disclose your personal information, such SMS, call history, mail log, even device location, it can be easily monitored by others remotely.
    • Trojan/Re-package, etc, which will remotely control your devices to do something which users do not aware of, such as, send short messages, and which will definitely result in some potential cost.
        Besides above 2 items, there are still other potential threats as below:
    What Does AegisLab help?
         With AegisLab’s expertise in detection & protection of any kind of potential risk in mobileworld, AegisLab provides both static and dynamic analysis and verification procedure to each App, include the users permission, information exposure, detailed description, etc. Then, base on our professional judgment, AegisLab will provide a risk report to address whether there is any potential risk possibility in this App.



    What Benefits to App-Store In Cooperating With AegisLab?

        Since those potential risks in Apps which might be distributed to different App-Stores, with AegisLab’s review mechanism, there are 2 kinds of benefits-

    From Technical-Side
    • Help App store owner to review & verify each APK from different developers who will upload to App-Stores
    • Easier & safer judgment to App-Stores because of comprehensive info disclosure after scanning mechanism, keep each downloading safety to users
    From Biz-Side
    • Good promotion point for App-Stores– a robust scanning mechanism for each APK, highly different from other Android App-Store
    • All APKs on App-Stores are high reliable & security, encourage users to execute more services from App-Stores
    • With a safe environment, there should a strong selling point to attract more and more users/developers to join App-Stores

         With continuous efforts in mobile security development, AegisLab can also provide security consultant services to App-Store, such as event analysis to specific malware threat or other broadly infection in mobile world.

          For more information and check our presentation / whitepaper, please go to http://www.aegislab.com/Solution/AppStoreConsultantService.php?id=7


    By AegisLab


    [ Product News ] 21 March, 2011 18:25

         With the download rate exceeds 100,000 in Google market, more and more users aware the existance of this tool and have good experience with it. However, in order not to confuse with IBM's "AppScan", which is a security vulnerability scanning tool for web application, we decide to rename our applications.

         Therefore, "AppScan Beta" was renamed to "AegisLab Antivirus Free". It can be downloaded here: http://market.android.com/details?id=com.aegislab.sd3prj.antivirus.free.

         To maintain the consistency, our paid full version "Egis Mobile Antivirus Security tool" was renamed to "AegisLab Antivirus Elite". It can be purchased here: http://market.android.com/details?id=com.aegislab.sd3prj.egismobile


    By AegisLab

    [ Product News ] 10 March, 2011 10:35

        Even with humble GUI and without advertisement, our free Android anti-malware scanning tool "AegisLab Antivirus Free" (Originally called "Appscan Beta") is still eye-catching for users who seriously compares the functionalities and who has good user experience. Recently, we found it was also recommended by Network World article "8 essential Android security apps".

        Network World describles "Appscan Beta" as "While DroidDream Killer is designed to help you deal with malware after it's already been installed, Aegislab's AppScan Beta is designed to stop you from ever downloading it in the first place. The application scans other apps on the Android Market and identifies any spyware or malware they may have on them by flagging them as "suspicious." It can also scan apps for any unwanted advertisements." IMHO, very precisely.

       And another blogger "23corner" (Traditional Chinese), the writer is also impressive about our scanning engine and also the newly added feature - network bandwidth usuage breakdown for each apps.

       Thanks every people who loves and enjoys with "AegisLab Antivirus Free"(Appscan beta), we will continuously improve it and treat every feedback as most valuable thing for us. If you prefer more perfessional version, please purchase the paid version "AegisLab Antivirus Elite" which contains remote wipe & lock and also SMS phishing filter.


    By AegisLab 


    [ Product News ] 10 February, 2011 12:46

       Today we update the detection rate comparison table: solutions extend to 9, samples extend to 70.
    Tested solutions includes:

    1. AegisLab : EgisMobile Anti-virus Security, Version 0.4.2
    2. NetQin Mobile Inc. : Mobile Anti-virus, Version 4.6
    3. Lookout, Inc. : Lookout Mobile Security, Version 5.3
    4. 360Safe: 360 Mobile Safe, Version 1.7.2
    5. Doctor Web, Ltd.: Dr. Web For Android Light Version 6.00.5
    6. NortonMobile: Norton Mobile Security (Beta), Version
    7. Trend Micro: Mobile Security, Version 1.2
    8. DroidSecurity -AVG: Antivirus Free – AVG, Version 2.6
    9. HAURI, Inc.: ViRobot Mobile ,Version

        The final test summary is:

         For people who may interest in test methodology and test samples used, please check our report (Android_Antivirus_Benchmark_2011_02_09.pdf).

         Beside this internal test, we are welcome for public test hold by any fair entity.

    By Aegislab


    [ Product News ] 10 December, 2010 17:44

        In this week, our free beta security application "AppScan Beta", which is designed for securing Android phones and tablets, achieves 50,000 downloads record in this week. We are glad that so many people have the security awareness for their mobile devices.


        If you have any suggestion and feedback, please let us know.

    By Aegislab

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