AegisLab discovered the new hacking group TheWikiBoat is launching DDoS attack to BPI (The British Recorded Music Industry) because of anti-ACTA. As TheWikiBoat said: "...the High Court of the United Kingdom has ordered all ISPs to block The Pirate Bay, this is all because of BPI which is the "representative voice of the UK recorded music business. The Pirate Bay is simply a search engine for torrents, it's like blocking Google for displaying search results. Therefore TPB has done nothing illegal, and is being wrongly shut down..." (see Figure 1).

   TheWikiBoat also established a web page tool for DDoS attack. Once you connect to the web page, it will launch DDoS attack to BPI automatically (see Figure 2).


 Figure 1: TheWikiBoat Press Release


Figure 2: TheWikiBoat Web DDoS Tool

By AegisLab