Remember the security alert we published before:「Security Alert 2012-05-29: Facebook URL Hijacking」, AegisLab discovered the website style in and look more similar as FB official website as in Figure 1.

Figure 1: Look so similar as Facebook style

Once you get into the page, you will hear the recording voice as follows:
"You have been selected to take part in our anonymous survey! 
Complete this 30 second questionnaire, and to say "thank you", we'll offer you an exclusive gift."

Click the "Start" button and then fill-in the answer:

Figure 2: Answer the questions


After answering the all 5 questions,  Best Buy and Walmart Gift Card win-prize page will pop-up as in Figure 3. (Don't even think about it, you'll never win the prize!)

Figure 3: Choose the gift card


After choosing the gift card you want, you have to input the cell phone number and e-mail address as in Figure 4. (OMG! Don't do that!)

Figure 4: Fill-in cell phone number and e-mail address

Congratulation! You have finished the questionnaire but all in vain, except leaking your sensitive information. (and will get more spam :-) )


By AegsiLab