Even with humble GUI and without advertisement, our free Android anti-malware scanning tool "AegisLab Antivirus Free" (Originally called "Appscan Beta") is still eye-catching for users who seriously compares the functionalities and who has good user experience. Recently, we found it was also recommended by Network World article "8 essential Android security apps".

    Network World describles "Appscan Beta" as "While DroidDream Killer is designed to help you deal with malware after it's already been installed, Aegislab's AppScan Beta is designed to stop you from ever downloading it in the first place. The application scans other apps on the Android Market and identifies any spyware or malware they may have on them by flagging them as "suspicious." It can also scan apps for any unwanted advertisements." IMHO, very precisely.

   And another blogger "23corner" (Traditional Chinese), the writer is also impressive about our scanning engine and also the newly added feature - network bandwidth usuage breakdown for each apps.

   Thanks every people who loves and enjoys with "AegisLab Antivirus Free"(Appscan beta), we will continuously improve it and treat every feedback as most valuable thing for us. If you prefer more perfessional version, please purchase the paid version "AegisLab Antivirus Elite" which contains remote wipe & lock and also SMS phishing filter.


By AegisLab